Auto Electrical Service


Having a problem with your auto electrical is really detrimental to your overall ride. Your car runs on fuel but the electrical system is like anything that's electric; how do you expect to get anything electrical running without any juice?

Southern District Auto Centre is your one stop shop for all your car servicing needs, including Auto Electrical. We are located in Browns Plains. 

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Our auto electrical services include;

  • voltage check
  • dashboard warning light inspection
  • check voltage
  • inspect the fuse
  • bridge solenoid
  • work on the starter 

One of the obvious electrical concerns with your car is the battery. If you think you have a dead battery or that you have somehow lost your voltage or have other corrosion, then you should get your battery checked out. You only need to have your battery die one time in the middle of the night alongside the highway or in some far flung destination you never wanted to be at once to know that keeping your battery powered up is not just a smart thing to do it can save you from going mad.

Another thing which could demand your attention from the world of the electrical automobile components is your alternator. Your alternator is connected to your engine and is the way your battery gets recharged. If your alternator is broken, displaced or even has an incorrect amount of tension, you could be asking for trouble. You will notice your alternator needs attention if you hear a "whirring" or "growling" noise from your car, if your headlights begin to inexplicably dim or if you smell the scent of burning rubber or hot wires. You should get that alternator taken care of straight away!

Your electrical is the bread and butter of your cars operation. If you have issues with either of these things you should get your battery or your alternator looked at right away!

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