CV Joint and Boot Services


The wheels and the transmission are connected through the CV joint.

This part keeps the wheels moving at a constant and smooth velocity. When issues arise with this part, it can be tough to make turns, the ride can get a bit bumpy and the wheels aren't secure. Keep your family safe on the road in Browns Plains by making an appointment to see us today!

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Why Work With Southern District Auto Centre

  • Peace of Mind: Not only are we the neighbourhood shop which you can trust, but all of our work is backed by the Repco Nationwide Warranty.
  • The Best Service in Town: As a member of the Repco Associated Service Centre family our mechanics have access to training seminars, service bulletins and all of the latest parts, equipment and diagnostic tools.
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CV Joint and Boot Services from Southern District Auto Centre

  • Replace CV Boot
  • Replace CV Joints
  • Clamp Replacement
  • Lock Ring Replacement
  • Rzeppa Ball Joint Service
  • Tripod Joint Replacement
  • Tracta Joint Replacement
  • Weiss Joint Replacement
  • CV Axle Half Shaft Replacement
  • CV Joint High Pressure Greasing
  • Double Cardon Joint Replacement
  • Thompson Constant Velocity Joint Replacement

CV Joint and Boot: Common Issues

When you know what is making the chirping sound in your vehicle it is easier to fix the issue. To help pinpoint CV joint and boot issues, here is an explanation of common symptoms and causes.

  • Clicking or Vibration When Driving: The ball joint in the CV joint or Rzeppa ball joint may be broken.
  • Grinding When Driving: This may indicate a broken boot. The boot may be letting sound out. Additionally when the boot is broken the high performance grease dries up and there is too much friction in the joint.
  • Grease Spots on the CV Boot: The boot may be broken and therefore the grease is leaking out.

Make an appointment with the mechanics at Southern District Auto Centre to fix these and any other CV joint or boot issues!

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