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Electronic fuel injection problems?

The electronic fuel injection (EFI) is what makes your car "go"

If you have been having problems like your car isn't idling correctly, doesn't start, hesitates, has poor performance, or an unusual "smell" in the vehicle, you could be having issues with your EFI.

Only a trained and certified mechanic can accurately determine the root of the problem and get it fixed quickly and efficiently. At Southern District Auto, we've had years of experience with all kinds of fault fuel injectors and related problems so chances are we've seen your problem before and will be able to get you back on the road in no time.

Our EFI services include, as needed;

  • Diagnostics
  • Testing dashboard lights
  • Fuel injector testing
  • Fuel rail testing
  • Fuel pump testing
  • Fuel filter testing
  • Throttle valve testing

One of the big problems with your EFI can be your engine control unit also known as your power train module. The engine control unit is the brains of the EFI system. The ECU collects info from sensors and keeps the car's engine running efficiently. If your engine control unit is having problems than your car will not start, will not idle correctly, or there could be an unusual smell coming from your automobile. This is reason to get your engine control unit checked out by trained professional. Repair of this type is often very difficult and often the engine control unit needs to be replaced totally.

Another issue with your electronic fuel injection can be the sensors. The sensor collects information from all manner of various parts of the car and feeds it back into the engine control unit. If the sensors are not operating correctly then your dashboard lights will not come on or even worse your car will not start. Your sensors may be broken, could have some damage, or could totally fail. You need to replace your sensors as soon as possible otherwise your car will not start.

Electronics are vital to your cars operations; if you have issues with your electronic fuel injection contact Southern District Auto Centre today

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